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I agree up to a point, but.. He is still here. She often takes advantage of his ignorance. I am reserved by nature. Do you know Tom well? I'm ready to start. I had a hard time. Don't worry. I too have the same problem. He is getting better bit by bit. That car is similar to my car.
Rack City Hulk: - I'll be back in ten minutes.
- She despised him.
- I'll see you later.
- He shot at me.
- Do you like the new school better?
- We are acquainted with his family.
- Parents are usually concerned about their children's future.
- Where are you going?
- It took all night to climb Mt Fuji.
- Hey Shawn, good to see you again.
We felt sympathy for her. We have no extra money. Sir, I am to get down at Ambur. The opera starts at seven. He studied in St. Andrew�s School. Where do they want you to come? My parents came to the airport to see me off. Where did you find this wallet? I hit upon a good idea. The strike affected the nation's economy.

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